Our Goal
Kinofilm Project is a cultural initiative dedicated to screening and promoting independent East European film. Spotlighting films having a focus on East European themes, Kinofilm Project organizes film screenings for both established and emerging filmmakers to showcase their talent and work. The initiative takes an interest in all film types, from film shorts and docu- mentaries, to full length features that have had past screenings in commercial cinemas.

Our Focus
Eastern Europe is a region of the world with a complex historical narrative, and has experienced its share of changing borders and shifting political & economic allegiances. As a result, East Europeans often share a common heritage of ethnic migration, a disrupted and uneasy history, and a hopeful belief in the promise of new beginnings. The focus of Kinofilm Project is to bring stories with oftentimes complex themes from this part of the world to the movie screen.

Our Origins
Kinofilm Project was started in 2007 and has its roots in the city of Philadelphia. This cultural initiative connects its audience with filmmakers by arranging non-commercial film screenings in an intimate setting (all foreign language films include English subtitles). A number of directors have been present during the screening of their films to give insight to their work, providing filmmakers and viewers alike the opportunity to engage in creative dialogue. The project's ultimate purpose is to create a forum for discussing universal experiences that are common to all people.

We invite you to join us at an upcoming event!